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Welcome to FSMC (Fire Safety Management Consultancy), your trusted Fire Safety Manager Provider

FSMC is your trusted Provider of Fire Safety Manager Services, in Singapore. Basically, we are a team of highly skilled and very experienced Fire Safety Managers. Hence, we provide innovative and practical fire defense services in cost effective manner to our customers. For a long-term relationship, we provide the best Fire Safety Manager Services to our clients in Singapore. Moreover, FSMC follows the best and unique practices to become the leading industrial service provider.

Every year fire causes significant damages to the building owner. This results in injury to human resources, loosing customer trust and financial loss. So, we have to avoid such hazards at any cost. As we know; prevention is always better than cure, we can avoid injuries to human resources, expensive damages and potential fines by forming a fire prevention and awareness system. Moreover, Singapore government is much more cautious about the fire safety of the country buildings. Thereof the government has launched the Fire Safety Manager (FSM) Scheme. This law aims to maintain the fire safety standard for the buildings. Admittedly, FSM fsmcsgnstrates fire safety events and fire avoidance procedures to increase fire safety awareness for the building residents.

People are doing a lot to protect premises against fire. Still, accident is an unintentional incident and it happens suddenly and unexpectedly. Hence, in addition to proper prevention and awareness system, premises should be ready for minimizing the losses in case of such incident. Fire should be stopped at the first place of occurrence. If a fire accident spreads, it will harm and raze the property costing thousands of dollars. In the worse situation, workplace fires can also responsible injury or death to employees. According to the research, the most common cause of fire accident at the workplace is lack of knowledge and precautions. We can easily avoid these types of accidents, with the exact care and knowledge.

Fire Safety Manager (FSM)

The Fire Safety Manager (FSM) is a person, provides necessary services to protect a premise from fire hazard. In the other word, Fire Safety Manager is a person who helps the building owners to prevent substantial monetary and life losses resulting from fires. Hence, this position is responsible for all sorts of services to keep premises safe from fire threat. And, in case of fire accident the FSM takes necessary action to constrain the damages at lowest possible level.

Also, FSM promotes necessary knowledge along with the inhabitants of premises to preventive measure of the fire. As a result, building owner can avoid incidence related to fire, with the assistance of a Fire Safety Manager. In addition to ensure premise’s safety, such role deals with related legal issues.

This role is very important in many countries including Singapore. Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) is the regulatory body of maintaining the standard of this task. There are several courses available to become qualified for this job. Initially FSM is doing below tasks for safety of a premise:

Fire Safety Committee: The FSM formulates a committee with the all stakeholders of relevant premise. The occupants, Chief Security Officer, Fire Wardens of the buildings are also member of this committee. Here, the FSM plays the vital role as coordinator .

Set the Emergency Fire evacuation Plans: The primary target of such plan is to protect the human lives in case of event of fire. To do so, safety manager formulates an organized and working evacuation plan. All of the responsible individuals, involved in handling emergencies are also become part of this plan.

Aware the people: FSM educates the related people about the Fire safety codes and regulations. This is a part of jod for such role.

Maintain synchronization with SCDF: Coordinating with SCDF is very much important for all fire safety related requirement. This is also a mandatory duty of FSM.

Assist in legal actions: Such manager also assists in submission of building plan to authority. This is a requirement for both new and development works. They also attends to face the inspection of Fire Safety Bureau for renewal of Fire safety Certificate.

Regulatory binding to appoint Fire Safety Manager:

A regulatory requirement related to FSM was given publicity since 1989. But, it has now become obligatory for all owners of designated buildings to appoint an FSM with the approval of the Fire Safety Act 1993 and the Fire Safety (Fire Safety Manager) Regulations 1994. However, appointment of an FSM will help building owners to avoid significant monetary and life losses resulting from fires. The modified FSM rule was published on 13 Apr 2007 for additional developments of this scheme.

Consequently, the role of an FSM becomes essential here. According to the law, owner of a new premise must have to appoint an FSM within 90 days of awarding the certificate of statutory completion or obtaining the temporary occupation permit. Even though, a new manager is must be recruited within 14 days of termination of previous FSM.

Moreover, this is not an optional instruction. Hence, if you have failed to appoint an FSM within the stipulated time, as an owner you will be fined with SGD $10,000 or sentenced to a prison term of 6 months or both. So, be cautious and appoint a trustworthy FSM for your own safety. For that reason you have to find quality Fire Safety Manager Services.

Why to choose FSMC as your Fire Safety Manager Provider:

Fire Safety Manager

FSMC is a registered company in Singapore as Fire Safety Solution Provider. We have been established with the goal of providing quality and professional FSM to prevent any major fire incident in Singapore. FSMC’s aim is to provide very innovative and cost effective Fire Safety Solution to the clients. We have the skilled manpower with the strong academic background to provide the best solution for possible fire accident prevention. Continuously we are striving for improvement on the services and this business we do care about. We train, coordinate and supervise the Company Emergency Response Team for all premises in first aid, firefighting and evacuation plan in case of fire or other related incidents. FSMC is committed to assisting the owner or occupier of any specified premises by ensuring maintenance of below obligations.

Features of our Fire Safety Manager Services:

FSMC understands the liability and importance of its task. Hence, we ensure obliging all of the required features to be performed. We ensure:

  1. The fire safety requirements comply with the Emergency Response Plan.
  2. Proper supervision of the maintenance of all sort of fire safety works on the premises.
  3. The resident living in any part of the building is not exceeding the capacity approved under the Fire Code.
  4. Remove any possible fire risk that is found on the premises by conducting daily checks within the premises.
  5. Formulate and perform the Emergency Response Plan for the premises.
  6. Distribute the Emergency Response Plan to the inhabitants of the premises and properly train them to follow this.
  7. Make certain that all occupiers of premises are familiar with the ways of an emergency exit, located within the premises in case of fire emergency.
  8. Perform a fire risk assessment of the premises.
  9. Organize and perform fire drills in the proper way, for the residents of the premises at least twice in every calendar year.
  10. Prepare appropriate manuals for fire safety to guide the occupants of the premises.
  11. Educate the residents of the premises in first aid, firefighting and evacuation in the event of a fire or other relevant emergencies.
  12. Prepare and implement the Arson Prevention Plan for the premises.
  13. Administer the operation of the Fire Command Center in the event of a fire or other related emergencies and notify the Commissioner immediately upon the incidence of any fire hazard in the premises to carry out any other duties as the Commissioner may require.

** (Depending on the premises type the tasks may differ)


Fire Safety Manager, FSM is giving speech during fire drillFSM is giving speech during fire drill arranged by Fire Safety Management Consultancy


Important Fire Safety plan at your Facility

Fire safety of every premise is a very significant area to prioritize by the owner. Besides, death or injuries, monetary damage can be hundreds of thousands of SGD for an accident. Note that, a single loose wire can cause the whole hazard! However, there are prevention measures that an owner can take to safeguard the premises. These measures will also ensure to minimize the losses if a fire accident arises. Below are few of the best practices to support the premises in case of a fire emergency:

Ready the fire extinguisher: Fire extinguisher is a primary level fire protection device. It is good for extinguishing or controlling entry level fires. Though it is very useful in the emergency situation if the fire goes out of control then it requires the expertise of a Fire Safety Manager. The in-charge of building safety must be are aware of the location of the fire extinguishers. Just keeping a note or map is not enough; you have to know the exact place and how to reach there in an emergency situation. Moreover, keeping a fire extinguisher is not sufficient. Consequently, you have to ensure that the extinguisher is working smoothly. It is also a job of FSM to check the fire extinguisher including its pressure gauge to confirm this device will work at the time of emergency.

Ready Emergency Evacuation Plan: Every premise should have an emergency exit for all occupants. And, also it is important to maintain an emergency exit light at all levels. Moreover, an indicating light has to be functional to point the exit. This system will ensure minimizing the losses for the most valuable resources, human resource. However, the residents/workers of these premises should have proper knowledge about this plan. It is a job of Fire Safety Manager to train the people for such situation.

Arrange fire drill – In very cases, practice makes perfect. A fire drill is a practice of the emergency actions to be used if fire incidents occur. So, building safety in-charge has to arrange fire drill to train the residents/workers of the premise in the proper manner. FSM has to arrange a fire drill at least once in a year. Ensuring that the inhabitants are ready to do what they have to in case of fire, could save lives.

By maintaining these strategies the premises owner can safeguard the facility and employees to be safe from fire hazard.

Fire Safety Manager Services to mitigate fire incidents:

FSMC always apply the best method so that the fire incident cannot arise. However, in case of accident, we follow standard guidelines to mitigate the fire incident. Steps of this service are summarized below:

  1. There will be a dedicated unit among the security team, to handle fire alarm. This team ensures activation of fire alarm as per standard procedures.
  2. Assigned security officers will find out the location of the fire from the main fire alarm panel immediately after the alarm is rang. Then, they will visit the fire floor very cautiously without any delay. The officers will be prepared for resolve the fire hazard at the first place if possible. Else, they will verify the gravity of the incident carefully.
  3. In the meantime, the team will ensure notification to Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) if necessary. After verification of the fire incident, the security officers will provide the details of fire location, type of fire and probable risks within the building/especially the fire floor, to SCDF.
  4. All of passenger lifts will remain stop during this period automatically and the security offices will ensure not to reactive any of these. Note that, the lifts will be ‘homed’ automatically with the triggering of fire alarm.
  5. Note that, if the basement is affected by fire, the office will not visit the floor physically. Rather, s/he will check CCTV footage to verify.
  6. However, in case of controllable fire, the security team will attempt to mitigate the fire. Even they will not wait for the arrival of Singapore Civil Defense Force. But, such action will be taken without any unnecessary risk.
  7. Consequently, if the fire has gone on rampant, the security officer will not try to extinguish the fire. In such scenario, s/he will take the appropriate announcements over the PA system (an electronic system consist of microphones, loudspeakers, amplifiers etc.) and initiate the applicable evacuation measures.